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I'm a 13 year old boy and I want to be a girl. I am a boy, but why do I love boys? Am I having a problem because I am interested to look at handsome boys and I am a boy? Why is it that when I go to talk to another guy in my life I am gay and 14 years old , I always jitter?

Today, there is a kid in my school wh If I'm a guy and want to experiment with other guys, am I gay? Am I gay? I think I am gay, but I am curious. Should I experiment with a girl? Or at least some chatting. It should probably be a bit more of a two-sided effort.

Bored straight guy. Any young chubby gay dudes?

You need to be willing to give seducing someone else a shot. Or at least start with some mild flirting. Just an observation…. By stopping trying to make other people do stuff, and do stuff. If you want someone to flirt with you, try first flirting with them.

Big Boys, You Are Beautiful

Start with the social skills you have. Just change your mind. Or better yet, work because of the excitement.

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There are resources for chubby gay men finding other chubby gay men. If you do sign up for something like Bigger City, you should have at least one fully clothed photo probably more, which shows you doing something you do. Surprisingly, most people flirt with their clothes on first.

Chubby Checker

Whatever it is you do, be willing to talk about it with passion and confidence. Show that you know who you are.

Sign In. The following year, a chapter was organized in Boston, and in the New York chapter started. Conventions were held in cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York City as early as or with large numbers of chubbies and chasers attending. Formally organized Convergence conventions in the United States were first held in Seattle in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Find sources: LGBT portal. Big Big Love: Greenery Press. Bears On Bears:

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