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I love the lifestyle that farming brings me. The downside is living in a very very rule community. Don't give me wrong I mostly like it, and even though I'm gay, the community accepts me and treats me fine. I hate being so far from the gay dating scene and all the other fun in the city. It's kinda working. I'm already a very unusual person to run across in the gay community. Well at least I haven't met any other gay farmers, even though I know there's got to be some out there.

It's not that the gay community excludes me, I just don't always feel like I fit into the group. I guess I got to start by saying, I'm not looking for hook ups I'm looking for a boyfriend, and eventually a husband. It seems to me that many gay guys would want to date or marry a farmer. It seems like some kind a have a cowboy farmer fetish, but I think that's different.

Thanks to everyone for their wonderful responses. Y'all have really eased my mind. I guess I didn't mention above that I've only been out for about a year. I was in denial I'm still trying to figure things out. I have no problems meeting guys in the city. I kinda didn't consider trying to date another guy who's a farmer. That would be nice, but not necessary.

If he acted like all my straight friends though, I might be turned off. So another question if y'all are up for it How honest and upfront to be with guys on the first few dates? I guess that sounds bad, but I feel like asking whether you want to eventually marry or stay single would scare many guys away. Like, how soon can you ask them to be your boyfriend?

Ya it is awesome. You have thousands of acres to yourself. Plus if you love animals, you'll be in heaven. Well, I just recently came out as gay to close family and friends. I'm 27 years old and have a mild form of a disability called cerebral palsy. I'm also looking for a committed, long-term relationship, but I feel a bit excluded due to being disabled. An employee of mine has cerebral palsy and she is part of a social group organized by disabled people in Chicago.

This rural matchmaking service helps gay farmers find love / Queerty

They plan all sorts of board game nights, beach days, camping trips, dinners, etc. Non-disabled people join them as well usually other friends that tag along with group members so there's a pretty solid mix of people. Anyways, she met her girlfriend through that about a year ago. I haven't. I'll check it out. I'm not just looking for a fellow farmer though. That could be nice, but not a necessity. I know a gay farmer guy and he married a city boy and they're perfect together and both extremely happy.

It'll happen! They live in the city primarily, spend weekends on the farm. Farmer guy commutes to farm during the week.

New "Tinder for Farmers" Dating App Brings Together People Looking to Meet Country Singles

You do you and people that matter will accept it. Check this Deere out tho, am I right? Anyways, I say you own that shit and be you because it works for the right person. I found a loving companion regardless of being in the same situation and you can too. All in due time my friend!

Farmers only? But seriously, think about some of the times you meet people. Livestock auctions? Going into town? I don't know your schedule, but surely there's got to be a time when you come across new people that are already near your farm.

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They don't necessarily have to be gay, but make sure you're out to them, and network. That's the best you can do outside of spending a ton of valuable farming time with online dating. And nobody feels like they fit in the gay community. There are communities with gay people in them, just no such thing as a container that fits all of us.

If you haven't found your people yet, try a different angle. People are as complex as you, and while they may seem different at firsm, make it your goal to find out how similar people are instead. Besides, they made a whole Netflix documentary about gay rodeo hands. No way you're the only gay farmer out there.

Thanks for the great response. I'm not really just looking for fellow farmers, but that could be nice. Lol tbh I don't know if I could be in love with a guy that's more manly than me. Is that kinda messed up? Idk I would need someone who I'm comfortable acting "gay" around. I've spent too many years proving my "manliness". True, there's gay guys from all walks of life. Granted, being that close to a city and Miami non the less made my chances a lot higher but Okcupid made it happen.

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  8. It took him a little bit to adapt to my schedule hour work week during the season but we make it work! You are taking the best approach. Everything you're doing is right, it'll just always be hard because of distance. Keep hope alive and lean into online dating.

    I'm not sure where you're located. Different areas and different countries have sites that cater to those regions. The options aren't plentiful but they do exist. Ya the distance is killing me.

    Single Gay Guys interested in Farmers Dating, Meet Single Farmers

    It's been a week since our last date and I can't wait to see him again. I'm just busy and far away about to start planting. I like him, but idk if he even wants a bf to be honest. Idk I can't read him. Friends would describe me as fun and without a filter. I am more of a homebody because of my animals and have no interest in the bar scene at all since I do not drink or do drugs.

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    I love to cook and entertain and spending time with friends is important. I'm a single, available guy - live in moderation and have an easy going attitude, honest, down-to-earth, lead a fairly simple, non-complicated kind of life: Love the outdoors - biking, hiking, camping, photography, travel.

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    OK More info. Meet Single Farmers. Looking for adventure with Looking for adventure with traveling the u. Hello there , i'm in Hello there , i'm in cincinnati.

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