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If you are an EUM , part of her is also. My therapist recommended it.

8 Signs You Are With An Emotionally Unavailable Man

Like take his parents to doctors appointments, or his mom grocery shopping. But you have to ask.. Am I the only one that finds this extremely odd? He seems fine with it.. Sir, you are right.. I agree with you.. YOU deserve an awesome weekend. The lady in my life left to visit my family oversease [without me] because she loves the country and gets along famously with my extended family — even stayed at their various houses. She appreciated that and was happy about the fact I would [and moreso my family would] go to such length to make sure she was comfortable and had access to me and vice versa.

But even so… she forgets these instances when things get very serious between us and the stakes get white hot. I was rolling on the floor reading all these stories. Sometimes things are so screwed up that it becomes humourous. I broke up with him 2 months ago because he says he was not ready to be in a serious relationship after 4 months of dating. He eventually call me back a month later and told me he wants to give it a try. I was not his gf so i all i can do is listen.

Hell , do i feel important or what?? Where is his emotions? So we will see what happens when i call to confirm this weekend holiday weekend. Then my second bet will be that he will say hey i am busy this day but lets do this day, is it ok with you? Arrggh,just thinking about it makes me want to kick him and end it.

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I text him a day ago to tell him to have a good day. Hey Lisa. I say get out quick before you waste any more of your time and believe me that is what you will do.

5 signs that your crush is emotionally unavailable

Look into co-dependancy, it will give you a good insight into yourself and you might realize why your accepting unacceptable behaviour. If you fel hopeless now imagine what your going to feel a year or two down the line, you sink into despair and its so much harder to get out. I wish i had realized alot sooner what was going on and i could have saved myself alot of pain and misery. Now that i have realized this i am looking at the 12 step programme, it helps. But i agree with what other people have said on here, that you can see this as an opportunity to work your own self out and realize that it is you who is attracting unhealthy relationship situations due to no fault of your own, its the inner child in you who got stuck somwhere emotionally.

But i say get out!!! Nothing changes, save yourslf from total frustration, hell and torture Run run run!! This guy is really taking the piss.

5 warning signs that they’re emotionally unavailable | EliteSingles

Could he be messing around with someone else too? If you have abandonment issues then you will find this relationship really attractive because at a subconscious level you will be seeking to resolve the relationship you had with your father via your current guy. Thanks for the book tips — my next purchases loom…. I had my EUM visit me in my new home last weekend. He wanted to come down to help me put up shelves etc, but when he got here he had low energy and just wanted to have a holiday with me running around making him cups of tea and sight seeing.

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  7. I packed him off on the train on Monday and it felt really weird that he was leaving, like part of me was being ripped out. I had an hour of feeling lonely, empty and sad, but fortunately, my new home has a very nuturing feeling and I got stuck into unpacking more boxes and channel flicking with my new digital telly, ate chocolate and a nice cup of tea! A very British habit After about 2hrs, I felt much better and relieved to have my space back again.

    I was surprised at just how fast I felt better and took this as a little sign that I am making little steps towards recovery. He called me at every stage of his tortuous journey home but by that time, I was feeling back to normal and well able to cope with the calls. I also I think that it is starting to sink into him that I am not going to be as big a part of his life and that I am building a new one here without him.

    Also interestingly after no sex for months and months, he was very keen at the weekend. This was a new one to me since it was him that had said he did when we first got together. I asked him why it had taken him so long to say something about this, and he said that he has trouble talking about things. However, I agree with Anonymous that long term, no contact is probably the best way to recover. I have to somehow ween myself off his calls of 2 -3 times a day.

    11 Signs He's "Emotionally Unavailable"

    I will keep you posted on developments and thanks for the reference to the book on The EUM — A blue print etc — one I must buy. I have also done a lot of emotional freedom technique to release the junk around my own abandonment issues with my EU father. Details of this technique can be found on http: Love and support to you all Ann. Thanks for the feedback Anonymous and Ann. I am glad I am not alone out there. All these feelings I have about my EUM stem from feelings of insecurities. I may be sabotaging the relationship with all my fears.

    And so I may not know him well enough to know what he feels or what his issues are and I cannot categorize him. He was so closed off from me before. All I can do now is just keep the communications open and have faith in the relationship. Our little talk got him to pick up his phone tonite when I called to make plans. Omg, hell just froze over! Of course he has friday open for me out of the 4 day weekend.

    I have trust issues always feeling he is hiding something but he seems like an honest person. Seem to say what he does and reliable about calling back. I am only dating him and I am intending to keep it that way for awhile. I am looking out for myself.. I had broken up with him before and I can do it again. Hi, im breaking free but its so hard the longer you leave it.

    Does Emotionally Unavailable Equal ‘He’s Just Not That Into You?’

    It almost like an addict, i need that fix! Last night i was having regular compulsions to text him, i usually do on a wednesday.

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    I was dying to see him, i missed him, i wanted to see his face, but i was in a new job and meeting new people and i was craving the familiar. Im sooo glad i didnt, but i honestly felt like a junkie. Today i feel great, its only a small step but it wasnt easy. I still miss him but im taking care of myself firstly. Silence is strength i keet thinking.

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